Is a Radiator Flush Necessary For Your Auto Repair?

There are a number of benefits to having the radiator of your vehicle flushed. A radiator flush is not expensive, but it is a simple vehicle maintenance procedure that can save you money. There is a significant difference between flushing the radiator and simply draining it of coolant. A radiator flush drives up to 5 gallons of anti-freeze through the vehicle’s cooling system. As the new coolant is pushed into the system, the old coolant, along with any contaminants in the cooling system, are pushed out. A radiator flush removes all the old coolant. Draining the radiator, on the other hand, only removes about half of the coolant and leaves almost all contaminates in the radiator.

A radiator flush should be done annually. It will prevent the vehicle from overheating and the need for radiator repair in Denver. A complete radiator flush from a company like Elder Auto Complete Auto Service removes all traces of cooling system rust. The new coolant will prevent the cooling system from foaming. As well as removing rust and other contaminants in the cooling system, a complete radiator flush lubricates the water pump, which in turn, extends the life of the pump.

As corrosion takes place within the vehicle cooling system, the particles settle in the heater core and the radiator. Both the heater core and radiator have relatively small tubes that the coolant flows through. Eventually these small tubes become clogged with particles floating through the system. This reduces the radiator’s ability to expel heat. The car will overheat, and the heater will do nothing but blow cold air during use. Auto repair will be necessary if the tubes are completely clogged. Performing a radiator flush annually will extend the life of these expensive components, and you can be assured of heat, even on the coldest Colorado mornings.