Coolant Flush

Importance of a Coolant Flush

Engine coolant is also called antifreeze, and it’s a heat-transfer fluid that removes extra heat from the engine. Coolant comes in various types, so you have to pick the right one for your vehicle. Often, your owner’s manual tells you the right one to use. Your engine creates a lot of heat and energy while it moves. The cooling and exhaust system keeps the engine cool. Since the antifreeze gets used so much and recycled, you may need a coolant flush periodically to keep everything running smoothly. Often, an auto mechanic is the best person to perform this service.

Flushing the coolant system offers many benefits to your vehicle. Maintaining the cooling system is essential because it is part of the automobile. Generally, these flushes are done once a year, though your mechanic at Elder Auto Complete Auto Service may recommend it be done more often if you drive more frequently. If you have never had a flush done of the coolant system, you may wonder if it is needed. You can talk to the friendly mechanics and staff here and get advice. They are going to help you find the right services and repairs based on your particular needs.

Flushing the coolant system is often necessary for auto repair. It is designed to remove scale and rust deposits that can build up with time. If you don’t get them out of the system, they can damage the cooling mechanisms and overheat the car. Plus, newer antifreeze products have additives that can lubricate the water pump. This does extend the life of the part, but the lubricant inside the coolant doesn’t last forever. Therefore, you need to have it changed once a year, at least. You can easily check to see if it is time for this service, or you can ask a mechanic you trust to tell you when to have it flushed.