All vehicles have a sealed system and should not lose refrigerant. When your car blows warm air from your air conditioner, it has developed a small leak. Testing needs to be done to determine the where the leak is by our EPA certified technicians and to repair it. It is best to cycle your a/c system every other month to keep system lubricated.

The air conditioning system uses a complex system of hoses, air compressor, condenser, receiver/dryer, and evaporator which function together to cool the car. A single problem or leak at a single point in the chain could keep the air conditioning from working.

Why is my A/C not working in my car?

If you turn the air on and nothing happens or very little air flows from the vents, both are good indicators that there is a problem with the air conditioner. If the A/C in the car is slow to cool the vehicle there may be a problem with the A/C condenser not functioning properly or efficiently. Elder Auto offers an air conditioning service. One of our EPA certified techs can recharge the air conditioner, when doing so he will also install a dye to check for any leaks.

Why is my A/C blowing hot air?

When the air conditioner blows warm it can mean it is out of refrigerant or there is no power to the compressor. Also if the A/C stops working but the fan continues to blow warm air there may be a leak in a hose, connector or other part of the system. Regular A/C service will prevent major components like the condenser or the compressor from failing because of a lack of refrigerant or oil.

Why does my A/C smell?

If the vehicle is giving off a bad smell when the air conditioner is turned on it could mean that mold or mildew has built up in the A/C system. The mold or mildew is most often found in the air ducts of the car or the cooling coils. Air conditioner units drip condensation from time to time. If the drain hose is blocked or disconnected entirely, the water may back up into the vehicle causing wet interior carpets. Mildew smelling or humid air coming from the vents is another sign of poor drainage.

Take the initiative and have your car’s air conditioning equipment serviced yearly. The problem may be as simple as low refrigerant or as serious as a bad compressor.

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